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Your Fitness Goals are Within Reach!


Our fitness professionals are standing by to help you reach your fitness goals.  Whatever level you’re training at, we can help:



Free Service Choice Trainer:


All our members have access to free assistance from our professional Service Choice Trainer.  Available from Noon – 8pm, from Monday to Friday our Service Choice Trainer will conduct fitness analyses, help develop basic programs, provide instructional guidance, and offer support and advice.



Personal Training:


Everyone can use some support, and regardless of your current fitness level, or your goals, working with a personal trainer will increase your chances of success.  Our certified personal trainers can offer one-on-one coaching to anyone regardless of their experience or goals:


* The beginner needing a plan and some instruction
* The intermediate participant requiring a boost, or adjustments to their program
* Advanced athletes seeking training support


Your work with a personal trainer will start with a fitness analysis.  Then, according to your fitness level and health considerations, your trainer will develop a program designed to challenge you with accelerating results and ongoing success



Meet Our Personal Trainers:

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* Shane Moch

Multi directional movements training fast and slow twitch musclefibers will transform our level of fitness at an accelerated pace. When conditioning through the 5 components of Cardio, core stability ,strength ,nutrition and flexibility our bodies must adapt to the positive changes, and in fact produce guaranteed results.  I enjoy taking a fun approach with my clients to keep them motivated and enjoying their workouts while challenging them to their fullest potential.

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* Jeeves Hari

Having played competitive sports growing up I know first-hand the benefit of having a specific training program to reach my goals. I am also very aware of how hard it is to change a lifestyle, and then maintain the change. I strive to be the best at what I do and I apply this to my clients to help them reach perfection! Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 6am-8am Saturday, Sunday ; 8am – 2pm

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* YOU?!

We are currently looking for trainers for an open position in our club. Please contact us to apply!


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What a Personal Trainer Could Do For You

* Effectiveness – Your program will be designed to maximize your results and create a sense of accomplishment.
* Encouragement – The support you receive will help you to stay motivated, committed and consistent.
* Safety – Your trainer will teach you the techniques you need to work out safely, and without risk of injury.
* Rehabilitation – Your trainer will help you work within the limitations of any injuries or health issues, ensuring a safe workout and helping you to recover faster from any pre-existing injuries.
* Customization – Depending on your own priorities and fitness goals – perhaps weight gain or loss; muscle building; or sport performance. Whatever your objectives, your trainer will design a program to help you achieve success.
  Progress – As you move toward your fitness goals, your trainer will assist you in adjusting your program in order to continue your growth and development.
* Lifestyle – Your work with a personal trainer will include guidance on nutrition and lifestyle changes that will help you to create the physical and emotional results you seek.



Call 403-226-6496 to book your personal training sessions now.

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