Unlike most machine exercises, many TRX exercises are in 3D.  Most gym machines are in the sagittal plane, which means you only move forward and back (bicep curl machine, a leg extension machine, a treadmill).  Really, your body moves in all three planes: forward and back, side to side (frontal plane), and rotation (transverse plane).  Because the TRX allows you complete freedom of movement, you can do BOTH traditional strength training/single-plane movements AND multi-planar/3D functional training.


It’s time to lose the fear of bulking up and gain slim, firm, toned muscles!  Many women are doing cardio-only workouts, or using weights too light to do any good, because they are afraid of big, bulky muscles.   The TRX allows you to build tremendous strength and power without ever bulking up, no matter what number of reps per set you do, and regardless of whether you do TRX by itself or in addition to traditional cardio.


Many of you guys out there want to build muscle.  But guess what? If you don’t burn the fat that’s covering your muscles, you will never see them.  TRX lets you chisel away the fat to reveal the muscle definition you already have in your arms, chest, and abs, all without lots of added cardio.  “But wait,” you say, “guys NEED dumbbells to build muscle.”   Not so—dumbbells are just one of many great tools to build muscle.  The TRX is effective for stand-alone strength training when you don’t have access to DBs, such as when traveling.  However, using the TRX does NOT mean you need to give up the iron!  TRX makes a great addition to DB and barbell strength training. 

The biggest missing component in most men’s (and some women’s) training programs is flexibility.  The TRX is not just for strength training – it also allows you to do a full-body stretch.  While you can use the TRX with a mat for some flexibility moves, there are many TRX stretches for which you don’t even need a mat!  Many men who swear they hate stretching have found that with the TRX, they can finally get the flexibility gains they need to support their strength workouts.